The Career Center

Mission Fed JA Finance Park introduces The Career Center


 Visit JA Finance Park's Career Center at Exclusive to Junior Achievement of San Diego, our Career Center was launched in 2015. We have developed tools and resources that are available to teachers and students during their in-class project based learning curriculum, and student may continue to access the online resource well after their experience at the Park. Students use the tools and assessments, with support from teachers and counselors, to aid in career exploration. Our on-site Career Center also highlights entrepreneurship: students will have the opportunity to learn how real San Diego business owners started their business and the risks and rewards of success. 

Here is an outline on how individual and corporate donors can support our cause to advance and further enhance The Career Center and Mission Fed JA Finance Park. If you would like to get involved or inquire more about any one of these sponsorship opportunities please contact Tara Michener, Vice President of Corporate and Foundation Giving, at 619-906-4902 or

Jobs in the Park

The goal for the job database is that every job in the Career Center will be linked to a real San Diego company, so that students are aware of and familiar with local companies and career opportunities.  The database has reporting capabilities that will allow Junior Achievement to inform companies how often their job is selected by a student for their simulation experience. 

To date more than 40 jobs of 225 have been sponsored, and we are looking for sponsors for jobs in high growth San Diego industry clusters such as: clean tech, information and communication technology, life sciences, maritime, military and defense, convention and tourism, clean tech, bio tech and medical.

Other Philanthropic Ways to Get Involved

Sponsor a Shop

Showcase your business in Mission Fed JA Finance Park by sponsoring one of our shops. We still have a handful of shops that need to be sponsored by San Diego companies that are associated with dining and restaurants, credit cards, communications, loans, clothing, and so on. 




Capital contributions

In order to complete and enhance our technology and building-required  improvements, we need your support! Consider supporting in our effort to keep our new facility at its very best!





Scholarship Dollars

Sponsor a school's visit to the Park. It costs $50 to bring one student to JA Finance Park, and $2500 to bring a school of 100 students. There are many schools that would love to offer our program to their students; however, lack the funds to do so. We hope to allleviate the weight of financials for our schools, so more and more San Diego students may experience the unique program we offer.